Trojans News · Class of 2019 Athletic Awards

OHIO HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARDS – These awards exemplify the commitment to academic excellence while participating in interscholastic athletics.  The program recognizes one senior male participant and one senior female participant.  The recipients must have the highest cumulative scholastic grade point average at the end of the first semester of grade twelve and must have earned a minimum of four varsity letters in all sports combined.  The female recipient of this award is:    Megan Malott  The male recipient of this award is:    Cole Brogan


COURAGEOUS STUDENT AWARD –This award goes to a student who either currently has, or who has overcome a serious illness, injury or disability.  A student who has overcome great adversity in a positive way.  A student who has gone far beyond normal in assisting a fellow student, family member or friend.  This award is intended to bring credit to a very special student who has been involved in, or supportive of, the interscholastic athletic program and who deserves recognition for courage.  This year’s recipients are:  Katherine Castaneda    &    Bailey Webb  

OHIO HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ARCHIE GRIFFIN AWARDS As part of an ongoing program to support sportsmanship, ethics and integrity the Ohio High School Athletic Association recognizes one male participant and one female participant who has displayed exemplary sportsmanship.  The award is named for Archie Griffin, who is an Ohio native, the only two-time recipient of the prestigious Heisman Trophy for college football, and a professional athlete who has always displayed exemplary sportsmanship.  The female recipient of this award is:  Josephine Rohlfs.     The male recipient of this award is   Luke Severt   


NFHS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE – For Exemplary Display of Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity.  This award is presented to one male student and one female student who are positive role models for others, encourage others to be positive role models, and that embody good sportsmanship, good moral character and good sporting behavior.  The female recipient of this award is:  Ciena Miller       The male recipient is:  Samuel Shaneyfelt   



These awards exemplify the commitment to academic excellence while participating in interscholastic athletics.  This year the Troy All-Sports Boosters will provide a $500 scholarship to three female student athletes and three male student athletes to further their education beyond Troy High School. These scholarships are made possible from the sales of the programs at home athletic events throughout the fall and winter sports seasons.

The award winners are determined utilizing criteria based on a combination of the number of varsity letters earned in interscholastic athletics, the cumulative scholastic grade point average at the end of the first semester of grade twelve and the recipients must be in good standing with the Department of Athletics.

On behalf of the Troy All Sports Boosters it is my pleasure to announce the student athletes that have earned this scholarship from the Class of 2019.

This year’s female recipients are:       Katherine Castaneda

                                                                Lillian Cusick

                                                                Ciena Miller

This year’s male recipients are:          Cole Brogan

                                                               Seth Plantz

                                                               Logan Huth



The Little Kinger Fund is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of collecting and distributing funds to provide opportunities for girls to participate in athletics.  The founder is Kristin King-Wright who was a multisport athlete at Piqua High School and attended Dartmouth College on a softball and ice hockey scholarship.  She played on the US Women’s Olympic Hockey team in the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy where she earned a bronze medal.  Ice hockey enriched Kristin’s life in many ways.  It opened doors and allowed her to go places and to do things that she never dreamed.  It is her heart’s desire to give something back to the game, and give back to her community, by helping to provide some of those same opportunities for others.  Kristin excelled to the highest level in women’s ice hockey but she was also a multiple sport athlete in her high school and college years and did well academically.

The Little Kinger Fund Athletic Scholarship of $1000 will be provided to a Miami Valley female high school senior who will be participating in intercollegiate athletics at a 4-year institution.  This year’s recipient, was selected from a pool of applicants from multiple high schools in the Miami Valley.

This year’s recipient, is:  Ciena Miller       from Troy High School.