Multiple Teams · Troy v. Piqua Miracle Minute Tonight

TONIGHT during the varsity boys basketball game at Piqua High School we will also compete against Piqua in a Miracle Minute fundraising campaign. This is designed to see which school can raise the most money in 60 seconds to donate towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).  Selected students from both schools will move through their fans for exactly 60 seconds to collect as much money as possible on behalf of their school. Not only does ALL the money raised go to LLS, but the losing school’s principal will have to wear the winning school’s team shirt at school all day Monday.

Be there tonight to support the boys basketball team as they take on Piqua as well as helping Troy win the Miracle Minute!  Bring the loose change from the cupholder in your car, check for loose change in the couch cushions and/or bring some extra bills to the game tonight.  We don’t want Mr. Dilbone to have to wear a Piqua shirt all day Monday!!!